KeepLocal empowers local businesses by simplifying the gifting experience


Elevating local commerce and business with an innovative approach to gift cards for a sustainable growth and lasting impact.

Local businesses face limited visibility, accessibility and competitiveness in the gift card market dominated by large online retailers


In 2023, there are only 311,000 local retailers remaining, marking a 26 % reduction compared to figures from 21 years ago.

Local businesses face an uneven playing field due to limited gift card options compared to large online retailers.

Absence of a comprehensive local gift card platform hinders support for local businesses, impacting communities and economies.

Existing local gifting card options have fees and logistical challenges, making them less appealing to businesses and customers.

KeepLocal empowers local businesses by simplifying the gifting experience


KeepLocal is a comprehensive, user-friendly regional gift card system that allows customers to support local businesses effortlessly. The system leverages innovative technology to provide seamless access to local gift cards, boosting the local economy and community.

KeepLocal’s transformative approach to gift card offers:

  • Enhanced visibility for local businesses
  • Easy access to gift cards for local businesses
  • Stronger community bonds through support for regional businesses
  • Sustainable and eco-friendly gift cards
  • A competitive edge for local businesses against global players
  • 24/7 purchasing option via our apps and web-shop

Our gift cards: the gateway to a strong local economy

Regional gift cards

  • City and regional gift cards for all businesses
  • Promote community spirit and local shopping

Corporate gift cards

  • Tax-friendly employee benefits
  • Support local businesses and economy

Partner gift cards

  • Branded gift cards for individual partners
  • Enhance brand visibility and customer loyalty

Main advantages

Own tech stack, thus high flexibility and adaptability of current and new products. Furthermore, independent of the major schemes and their peculiarities.

KeepLocal is adaptable to various sales channels, including direct sales and retail partnerships, expanding its reach and creating mutually beneficial relationships.

KeepLocal provides value for both customers and businesses without charging extra fees or hidden costs.

A unique revenue model based on unused or partially used gift cards, driving growth and profitability while supporting local businesses.

KeepLocal gift cards, classified as ‚Controlled-Loop Cards‘ under § 2 Abs. 1 Nr. 10 ZAG(1), offer tax advantages as non-cash benefits, unlike many other taxable gift cards.

We are targeting a huge market by being a global player.

Branded gift cards for individual partners Enhance brand visibility and customer loyalty

Important partnerships

We are growing exponentially by developing partnerships with nationwide companies.

What we do for the environment


  • We focus on points 11, 12 and 13 of the SDGs.
  • We want to raise awareness for more conscious consumption.
  • Local purchasing reduces returns on online purchases.
  • More turnover for local businesses means growth for the entire economy.
  • The diversity of local businesses ensures the vitality of our city centers.
  • Our paper gift cards are 100% environmentally friendly.
  • We are a Climate Partner and support various projects.
  • We travel by public transport whenever possible and only use our fleet of electric vehicles when necessary.


„Thanks to KeepLocal, I can finally sell gift cards reliably and easily around the clock. This way I reach many more people and increase my sales. I also really like the KeepLocal networking idea: by displaying my gift cards at befriended retailers, I have free advertising – and a direct recommendation.“

– Manuel Jakob, Brother Jakob, St. Wendel

„We are with KeepLocal because we want to help strengthen the downtown area. It’s very important for us as a running store that people enjoy shopping at local retailers. KeepLocal offers a good approach here to make local shopping more attractive.“

Andreas Maurer

Andreas Maurer


For vibrant cities and regions

„Our goal is to strengthen the local economy and preserve it for future generations. That’s why we’ve launched a regional gift card system to help local merchants compete against overwhelming international competition.“
– Andreas Maurer, CO-Founder, CEO